Katy Perry Doesn’t Do Vampires

Blah, blah, blah . . . this is for those of you who care. LOL .

After Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson were photographed together leaving Shannon Woodward’s karaoke birthday party last week, it had gossip sites (and Hollywood Crush!) buzzing about the pair’s sort of odd friendship. It also had people wondering if K-Stew‘s rumored beau and Russell Brand‘s lady were falling for one another.

Well, leave it to Katy and Twitter to clear up the rumors. So, are they dating? The answer is a big NO. And, she was quick to point out on the social networking site: “Read a bunch of yesterdays-news-BULLOCKS. Ppl should know by now that I don’t do vampires, but I do, DO @rustyrockets. Don’t get it TWISTED!”

OK so maybe just maybe Katy likes to sing karaoke out of tune while Robert just sits there being all broody and Edward-like at hip Hollywood hotspots. And, maybe there isn’t anything more to it than Katy was giving Robert a ride home after the shindig. Plus we don’t really see Katy and Robert making a good couple.

It seems like with that tweet, Katy agrees. And she seems to really be into Russell. She even started tweeting Britishisms. At least someone was able to come forward and clear up their relationship status. Thank for you that, Katy.



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