Reality TV Meets Forks


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Santa Monica, Ca.-based television producer Zig Gauthier invites potential Twilight in Forks reality television series participants to a casting call held at the Twilight Lounge in Forks on Tuesday, Dec. 22. Young Forks men Sergei Holmquist, Cory Maldonado and David Cook stand behind Gauthier awaiting their chance at the casting call.

Dazzled by Twilight owner Annette Root poses with Zig Gauthier in the Twilight Lounge on Tuesday, Dec. 22 during casting for a potential reality television series based on local residents life in Twilight’s hometown. Root is remodeling the former Vagabond restaurant-bar on N. Forks Ave. and plans to reopen the restaurant in the first quarter of 2010.

Forks High School students (from left) Heather Nelson and Taylor Pearson are joined by Spartan graduate Lauren Henry at the Forks casting call. The trio is pictured filling out a questionnaire that will be used to determine who might be selected for the reality television show.

Updated Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2009
By Chris Cook – Editor Forks Forum

Los Angeles-based television producer Zig Gauthier held a casting call at the Twilight Lounge (former Vagabond restaurant/bar) in Forks on Tuesday, Dec. 22, and was scheduled for a second round on Wednesday, Dec. 23.

Gauthier is proposing to film a reality show in Forks that would star local residents. The concept for the show would be presented to television networks who would decide whether to commit to backing the project.

On Tuesday the casting call started at noon and was to end by 4 p.m. On Wednesday, prospective participants were to be interviewed from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Gauthier said in a call from Santa Monica that he is working with Annette Root, owner of Dazzled by Twilight, on the logistics of the casting call. He said Root has been very helpful in arranging for the Forks interviews.

A typical casting call consists of filling out information about yourself including contact numbers and then standing in front of a back drop to have a digital photo taken. The producer then goes over the photos and information and may, or may not, call back those they are interested in appearing in the show.

In a press release the Los Angeles producer said he will be considering both individuals and groups when casting.

The press release asks:
“Do you have a dynamic, outgoing personality?”
“Are you TV friendly?’
“Do you permanently live in Forks?”


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