Merry Christmas Everyone!

So, as you know today`s Christmas, therefore, A Never Ending Twilight just wants to wish all our readers & twitter followers a Merry Christmas & that your day is filled with wonderful family time, relaxation, & mass amounts of food (&/0r alcohol is that`s your schtick).

Also, we would like to extend a very Merry Christmas to the entire cast that we love so dearly. We may not know you, but we hope you have an awesome day with family. We know that Rob is back home; we`re glad to hear that. I know Kellan mentioned going back home to the Dakota`s, so we hope he got there safe. We hope everyone made it to their destination in one happy peice.

Before this turns into a novel, Di & I would just love to say Merry Christmas or Happy Chrismakwanzahannukah (whatever it is you celebrate). OH! Don`t forget we`re approaching our year anniversary on the 28th.

Have an awesome day guys! We hope you get the Robs, Jacksons, Kellans Taylors & Peters under your tree  that you`ve been hoping for.

Love, De & Di


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