Twi-Words Among Top in 2009

Forget “drive it like you stole it,” the new “buzzword” of 2009 was “drive it like a Cullen,” according to the New York Times.

The phrase, which is fan-made and pays homage to the speed at which the Twilightseries’ Cullen family prefers to operate vehicles, was apparently rampant enough in popular culture vernacular usage to become one of the top new “buzzwords” of the year for NYT’s list.

Other phrases making the list were Kanye West’s “Imma let you finish,” “Octomom,” “Chimerica,” and “Government Motors.”

Do you use the phrase? It’s definitely been added to several bumper stickers and car window decals. . .  Or are you surprised at all that this, of all the other popular Twilight-related phrases out there (“Twi-hards,” “Robsten,” e.g.), was the one that made the list?



ROTFL Drive like a Cullen.. I certainly do NOT.


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