To DreamySim1: You Rock Our Socks

Dear DreamySim1:

Thank you for the new banners that you have supplied us with. I think I (De)appreciate the one that`s up now, moreso than Di would simply because I would like to jump Taycob`s bones. 🙂 Anywho, we greatly appreciate you taking the time out to make these for us as well. We’ve added you to our affiliates & we look forward to more of wonderful creations that you post on your blog.

Perchance would you ever consider including more Jackson & Taylor . .think about it . . they’re not so bad on the eyes. Eh, if you don’t  . . Rob is wonderful to drool over as well.

– De & Di

P.S: you guys need to follow our lovely DreamySim1 over on twitter @DreamySim1 or see some of her other wonderful works of Rob on her blog:


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