Rob Pattinson Will NOT Play Spider Man

Here we go again.

Dozens of outlets are breathlessly repeating rumors that Robert Pattinson is the leading candidate to replace Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man.

You’ll recall that the story started as an April Fool’s prank later dusted off and published (without context) by the Oh No They Didn’t community.Gossip Cop busted the site and the speculation.

Just a few days ago, though, Sony announced that it would reboot the Spider-Man franchise, letting Maguire and director Sam Raimi go. And once it became clear that there will (eventually) be a new actor in the lead role, blogs anointed Pattinson. Buzz bubbled all the way up to the granddaddy of all cut-and-pastersPerez Hilton, who trumpets rumors without checking them out.

Gossip Cop needs to step in.

Yes, there will now be a new Spider-Man, but Robert Pattinson is NOT set to take the part.

Pattinson is committed to a busy upcoming slate that includes Bel AmiUnbound Captives, and a potential Breaking Dawn production. He’s been wrongly linked to projects ranging fromX-Men to Yellow Submarine. The Spidey rumor is no more real.

We’ve spoken with sources close to the studio, which now needs to devise a new identity for the franchise, a new timetable, and a new script. Casting is not yet on the radar.

Any outlet stirring Pattinson into the mix does so with zero factual basis.


THANK GOD… I like Rob and all but I just can picture him playing Spidey, granted that last Spidey flick was really bad.


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