Neca Releases New Set Of Four New Moon Movie Action Figures

Name: Series 2 Set of 4 Action Figures
Manufacturer: NECA
Series: Twilight New Moon
Release Date: September 2009
For ages: 4 and up
Details (Description): NECA introduces a brand new collection ofaction figures based on the second Twilight Saga feature film, New Moon. These highly detailed movie accurate figures feature all new sculpts for Edward and Bella, and introduce the highly anticipated Jacob and Alice figures. Figures are approximately 7 inches tall and come packaged separately.

* This all new set of figures, based on the Twilight sequel, New Moon includes: Edward Cullen (as portrayed by Robert Pattinson), Bella Swan (as portrayed by Kristen Stewart), Jacob Black (as portrayed by Taylor Lautner) & Alice Cullen (as portrayed by Ashley Greene).neca-releases-new-set-of-four-new-moon-movie-action-figures

CLICK HERE for more info!!


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