BB Dakota: The Real ‘Twilight’ Inspired Fashion Line


A couple of days ago, there was some talk about an Italian designer whose collection was inspired by Twilight.

Art is certainly a subjective matter, but I don’t see it. Twilight Lexicon has the video up if you’d like to see it and decide for yourself.

On the other hand, where a fashion company is directly affiliated with the franchise, the causality is more easily traceable between the film and design – particularly where the company, in this case BB Dakota, owns up to the inspiration and resulting design shifts.

According to MSN, “American fashion label BB Dakota is creating the line after one of its jackets was used in the vampire film” (pictured above). Oddly enough, that particular jacket almost didn’t make it into the movie at all. “I was planning to use the brown hoodie for that sequence but the director of photography hated the fact that her hair and the jacket were both brown,” said Twilight costume director Wendy Chuck.

After the jacket’s inclusion, BB Dakota stepped up to reap the benefits of its involvement with the series. “Following on from the film, BB Dakota re-branded the coat the ‘Twilight’ jacket and is to carry on its success with a full range this autumn. Among the clothes in the collection will be skinny cords, hoodies and other outdoor-style clothes inspired by the film,” MSN reports.



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