Taylor Lautner Will Compete in Celebrity Super Bowl Feb. 6

Getty Images

Getty Images

Oh yum…we hope the New Moon hottie goes shirtless when he leads an all-star team of sexy studs in the 4th Annual DIRECTV Celebrity Beach Bowl Super Bowl weekend

Are you ready to watch avid football fan Taylor Lautner throw around some pigskin Feb 6? If so, book your flights to Miami now, because DirectTV has confirmed to HollywoodLife.com that Twilight’s gorgeous wereboy is leading a pack of Hollywood’s most gorgeous men in a game of flag football in Miami Feb. 6.

The other beautiful boys competing (hopefully alongside and not against Taylor – his muscles are things to be both envied and feared!) are Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, Entourage’sKevin Dillon and Christian Slater, as well as a handful of pro NFL players.

But playing with the greats isn’t Taylor’s only reason for wanting to hit the Bowl. HollywoodLife.com overheard Wolf Boy predicting to Glee star Matthew Morrison at Summit’s Golden Globes party Jan. 17 that he’s confident whichever team brings home the NFC championship this weekend will be the ones to walk away with the Super Bowl ring.

As much as we want to trust your opinion Taylor, how about we make this more interesting? Shall we wager a little bet?



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