Pierce Brosnan Discusses Rob and ‘Remember Me’

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To shift gears a bit, speaking of media-centric figures, you’re in Remember Mewith Robert Pattinson, which must have been totally bizarre to try and film in New York City.

PB: [laughs] It was. Well, I’ve seen it. I’ve never encountered such attention in my career. I mean, I certainly had it but on a day-to-day basis, this young man certainly acquitted himself very well. And I think he was just completely blindsided by everything. And here he was doing a drama, which he’s executive producer on, and he had a heavy workload every day, and it’s a hard one to be wrenched out of every time you step out of our trailer.

Especially in New York.

PB: And there’s nowhere to hide. There’s nowhere to run. You know, you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t… You have to go to emotional places where you really need to [put your] head down and [look] straight ahead… It’s a very dramatic movie, and it’s a beautiful movie. It’s a love story. I play his father. What can I say about it? I’m very proud of that.

And, of course, you’ve also got Percy Jackson coming up. It’s great how you go between these very different roles.

PB: Well, I don’t know. I was taught and trained and was told and learned to believe that I could do anything so I’m endeavoring to do that, having done the same thing most of my life, and I’m finally becoming a character actor, I hope. Going back to what I did in my early days before I became whatever I became. I don’t know. It’s just lovely right now to have the freedom to do anything, and I’ve said to my agent, I said, “Find the most interesting roles.” I said, “They don’t have to be leading roles, I don’t need that. My ego is quite happy. Just the best, most interesting work that will captivate me and keep me alive and [keep my] career going.” You want to be able to have as many colors on the palate as possible, and some will be purer than others, but Percy Jackson was a great joy [and] to be reunited with Chris Columbus, who I’d worked with on Mrs. Doubtfire all those years ago, was magnificent. A real joy.

Sounds like it could give Harry Potter a run for his money.

PB: Yeah, I think so. I mean, it’s darker than Potter, and it’s scary, but I saw it with my wife and children. They put a private viewing on for us at Fox the other day, and it really is a beautiful film. And Logan Lerman and Alexandra [Daddario] and Brandon [Jackson] – you know, off to the races with being movie stars! They’re all three of them are fantastic.


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