Kellan’s Dogs Day Out

We posted some of these yesterday in our Today’s Hot Photos roundup post, but when tons more photos cropped up, we just couldn’t resist and had to post them all.

Calvin Klein underwear model Kellan Lutz continued to cement his heartthrob status as he took his little dogs to the dog park in Los Angeles, CA on February 12, 2010 where the young actor played with his pups and got in some light reading only after naturally climbing a tree.

If you’re curious what Kellan was reading, it’s a**hole-ol-o-gy. What is Assholeology: The Science Behind Getting Your Way – and Getting Away with it about? Here’s the description from Amazon.

To truly be an asshole is an art form. It requires the perpetrator to be cocky yet quietly confident, snide as well as sincere, sneaky while in your face. Better men than most have failed miserably. That’s why there’s this guide–the first book to walk you through the tricks of the trade and the numerous benefits the attitude reaps.

You will find essential information on how to sharpen your prick skills. Whether you’re way too over-the-top and need to tone it down, or are a shy wallflower who needs to turn it up, this book is your crash course in assholeology. You will now be able to get everything you ever wanted–in work, love, and life–by being an asshole.

It’s every guy’s handbook on how to be an asshole, without getting a black eye.

I wonder if AnnaLynne McCord knows that he’s reading this?



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