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Could it be? A Valentine From Summit?! Bomchicka- Wah-Wah

Feast your eyes on some lovely never before seen pictures of our favorite kids, Edward & Bella. I was thoroughly excited to see these, I had to take time out from spending time with my mister to post these for you all to enjoy.

So . . . ENJOY my funny commentary below some of the pictures. 😉

So, in this picture I`m pretty much hoping he`s going to grab her boob. I feel like a perv but it`s the truth. Go for the grab Edward, go for the GRAB!

For a second, I didn`t realize that that WASN`T Rachelle. Then I remembered Summit replaced her and got sad. Darn . . .

Rob`s mouth looks like it tastes like peppermints. I wonder if my theory is correct, I suppose I`ll have to find out right? Err, maybe Di will take on that job. She`ll kill me if I even mention that to her.

For the love rip the dag on shirt OPEN!

Mmm . . that grip on my . . err- Bella`s thigh. Rob I think I`m falling in like with you all over again.

Well now, don`t we all just APPRECIATE this angle? I mean I know for a fact that I do. I would, I mean you know for a test drive, take Bella`s place. You know for . . . um, testing purposes. =)

Dear Summit, we appreciate these greatly if they came from you. If you didn`t intend for them to be leaked, oops we got them anyway- Sorry.  We appreciate how wonderful they are though; truly we do.

Pardon my commentary, I`m a perv.


De & Di


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ANET Blog Birthday: Happy Birthday to De` and Taylor Lautner

Happy 21st Birthday to one of our dedicated authors De`. We hope she has an awesomely amazing day; despite all the snow but she does have another snow day so it all evens out.

And now a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TAYLOR LAUTNER who turned 18 years old. REMEMBER you can only buy ciggs and vote as of now. So DON’T get too crazy now. LOL


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Dear friends and lovely people of the Twi-Fandom,

Just wanted to say sorry for the lack of updates. School and mostly life are getting in the way of the blogging. But things will resume back to normal this week. Thanks for all the support regardless.

Peace & Love

Di & De

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To DreamySim1: You Rock Our Socks

Dear DreamySim1:

Thank you for the new banners that you have supplied us with. I think I (De)appreciate the one that`s up now, moreso than Di would simply because I would like to jump Taycob`s bones. 🙂 Anywho, we greatly appreciate you taking the time out to make these for us as well. We’ve added you to our affiliates & we look forward to more of wonderful creations that you post on your blog.

Perchance would you ever consider including more Jackson & Taylor . .think about it . . they’re not so bad on the eyes. Eh, if you don’t  . . Rob is wonderful to drool over as well.

– De & Di

P.S: you guys need to follow our lovely DreamySim1 over on twitter @DreamySim1 or see some of her other wonderful works of Rob on her blog:

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Happy New Year From ANET!

We hope that you have a wonderful New Year. We wish you the best of the very best. We also wish the cast a great New Year and hope that 2010 brings them more success and happiness. See yall in 2010 =D

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Happy Birthday ANET Blog!

Can you believe that it has been a year since we started this thing. All the crazy Twi-News, all the convos De and I shared, all the insanity that is Twilight, all the Rob and Taylor photoshoots you can handle. Yes today a year ago, De and I decided to start this blog as an outlet for our Twi-related ramblings and we also provided you with the latest news from Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. Wow what a year it has been. I’m glad I’m on this journey falling to the Twilight right along with De and all the friends that we have made because of it.

So without further rambling… HAPPY BIRTHDAY A NEVER ENDING TWILIGHT. And Many more =)

And now a word from De . . .

E-FREAKING-GADS! It’s been a year, we’ve done this a whole year. I cannot believe it; over all the times we wanted to give up because we weren’t getting any recognition to the times were Di & I wanted to scream at one another (oh come on girl, you know you did) because one of us wasn’t updating enough.  I greatly appreciate the challenges this blog presented to our friendship &  because of this we have an awesome friendship. She listens to my random Taylor/Jacob ramblings & I listen to her random Rob/Edward ramblings. She’s even been the test reader for my upcoming twi-fanfic (yes, lovies, I`ve decided to fall further into the Twilight).  I love her, she’s my sister from another mister. We’re like Ebony & Ivory (pun intended).

I appreciate all the love we’ve gotten, all the friends we’ve made & all the crazy stories we’ve gotten because of this blog. We never thought we’d ecounter people that say half the crazy perverted things that we do regarding the cast or fanfics.

We appreciate you all & that you stick with us throughout another year, because hey, let’s face it – we’ve still got Eclipse & Breaking Dawn to get through.

Love, De &Di

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

So, as you know today`s Christmas, therefore, A Never Ending Twilight just wants to wish all our readers & twitter followers a Merry Christmas & that your day is filled with wonderful family time, relaxation, & mass amounts of food (&/0r alcohol is that`s your schtick).

Also, we would like to extend a very Merry Christmas to the entire cast that we love so dearly. We may not know you, but we hope you have an awesome day with family. We know that Rob is back home; we`re glad to hear that. I know Kellan mentioned going back home to the Dakota`s, so we hope he got there safe. We hope everyone made it to their destination in one happy peice.

Before this turns into a novel, Di & I would just love to say Merry Christmas or Happy Chrismakwanzahannukah (whatever it is you celebrate). OH! Don`t forget we`re approaching our year anniversary on the 28th.

Have an awesome day guys! We hope you get the Robs, Jacksons, Kellans Taylors & Peters under your tree  that you`ve been hoping for.

Love, De & Di

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