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Edward & Jacob Body Pillows

 Now who wouldn’t want a pillow the size of Jacob or Edward?


Manllow: half man, half pillow.

For all the twilight crazed lonely women in the world, Edward Cullen is finally here to be with you and only you. Sleep with him, cuddle with him, use him as a neck rest, the Edward Manllow is there to be your man and pillow all in one.

Now I don`t know about you all, but I don`t think I`d buy this. LOL . I have my own boyfriend I can lay on. Sheesh, anywho let us know what you think of this new Twilight/New Moon merch in a comment. Maybe you feel differently than I do.

If you`re interested in purchasing one or both of these pillows place your order here .


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Fanfiction Recommendation Friday!

So there’s not really much to say besides school’s been kicking my butt, grad school applications suck beyond words, & finding a job during the recession is probably about as hard as child birth – it can happen, just not easily. Anywho, enough with my random ramblings onto FANFICTION RECOMMENDATION FRIDAY!

Last week you lovelies were graced with a first time happening, Di decided that she wanted to take on FRF for a week. She rec’d Clipped Wings & Inked Armor ( click the link to read her rec & to check out that wonderful fic) . This week’s fic is a story that’s near and dear to my heart . . mostly because it’s MY story. ( runs for cover )

Title: Northern Lights

Author: pprMACHEheart.

Featuring: Jacob

Story Type: Rated: M – English – Romance/Drama

Status: In Progress

Summary: Post BD.What would have happened if Jacob hadn’t imprinted on Nessie? With the chaos of love and imprinting luming in Jacob’s life and the Volutri returning, what will become of Jacob and his newfound love? Is there really a happy ending for everyone? OC

* AU– Alternate Universe

* lemons – none yet.

*OC – Original Character

Reason why I WRITE & recommend this: This fic is something I’ve been working hard on for about a year. The concept came to me in a reoccuring dream over last winter break. The dream kept coming for about 3 weeks straight, picking up from different points, but always with the same characters.

I’ve always thought that Jacob imprinting on Renesmee was a cop out; I honestly think that things don’t just happen that easily. I personally believe that even though Jacob imprinted he still had love for Bella, it was just overshadowed because that wasn’t something the book had time to delve into.  So in MY story . . . there’s life after Breaking Dawn and it’s not all glitter, lillies, Renesmee, & Jacob.

This story is set 5 years into Jacob’s life after Nessie’s birth . . . things aren’t so easy . . they never are.

Hopefully my explanation convinces you to give Jacob & my OC a chance. I can promise you my story is not predictable, you have no idea what I have in store for my readers. Yes, my OC is a chick . . . but things between her & Jacob aren’t what you may think they would be right away.


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Bryce Dallas Howard: Torn Between Edward & Jacob

Robert Pattinson, Bryce Dallas Howard, Taylor LautnerCharley Gallay/Getty Images; Gary Gershoff/Getty Images; Brian Zak/Sipa Press via AP Images

Twilight‘s freshman vampire Bryce Dallas Howard plays for both teams.

Howard, who replaced Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria in Eclipse, insists she can’t decide if she’s Team Edward or Team Jacob…

“I understand Bella’s dilemma,” Howard, 28, told us at the recent Art of Elysium benefit. “It’s so hard! I mean, I went berserk over Edward when I read Twilight and when I saw the film. In New Moon Taylor is incredible as Jacob, so I don’t know.”

Howard is all about spreading the love.

“I love the books,” she said about Stephenie Meyer‘s best-selling Twilight novels.  And, of course, she “loved” the Twilight and New Moon movies.

But it doesn’t sound like Howard has quite grasped the fandemonium that comes along with being part of Twilight, insisting it’s not her personal fan base that will grow.

“That’s more about the character,” she said. “It really is.”



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New Jacob Stills From ‘Eclipse’


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‘New Moon’ Style EXCLUSIVE! Your Ultimate Guide To The Costumes


In the long awaited countdown to “New Moon,” we’ve brought you just about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the franchise, its stars and their (maybe) love lives. Now that you’ve seen the big sequel (and caused it to break box office records), we bet your head is swimming with even more “I need to know this NOW!” questions — especially ones about your favorite character’s style in the movie. That’s where we come in.

We knew how much you loved Edward’s grey pea coat in “Twilight” (it was a custom design). And we bet you already own a version Bella’s blue hooded jacket (made by BB Dakota) — but with “New Moon” comes a whole new shopping list. So, starting today, we’ll look back at the making of the movie’s wardrobe with costume designer Tish Monaghan. First up: Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart).

“There was already a particular look in place, so the first thing I did was find out from the studio and the director, Chris Weitz, if they were happy with the looks of the characters,” recalled costume designer Tish Monaghan. “Were there things they wanted changed? Once I got those instructions — there were only minor adjustments to be made.” Bella’s presentation from “Twilight” was kept consistent. “[The studio and Chris] liked that she was a tomboy and that she was in earth tones and was a little bit out of place. So I picked up on all of those comments, and when I did all of my purchasing for her, I stayed more or less in that world unless there was something specific that was required in the script.”


During a interesting (to say the least!) double “date” with Mike (Michael Welch, left) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner, right) Bella wore the “Signe Smocked top” by Joie and American Eagle jeans. But the most notable part of her outfit is her token accessories — the turquoise bracelet and moonstone ring, which, according to Tish, were the very same trinkets Kristen wore in “Twilight.”
Get the look: “Cute Options Embroidered Smocked Peasant Top” from Target ($27)

One Bella takes a leap of faith (a.k.a. a cliff dive) she puts on Jacob’s big shearling jacket. The costumer found that coat, which was manufactured by Split, in old stock from the “Twilight” wardrobe closet.

When Bella decides to go for an adrenaline fix — in hopes of summoning the image of a disapproving Edward — she hops on her newly minted (thanks, Jacob!) motorcycle for an unsuccessful joy ride. Thankfully her fall was padded, uh, somewhat by her Burkman Bros plaid jacket, which Tish picked up in the Men’s Department at Barney’s Co-Op.
Get the look: Roxy “First Love” Bomber Jacket from Dillard’s ($80)

“This is the most important costume [for Edward] because it’s the last thing Bella remembers him in,” the costumer said of Robert Pattinson’s suit. “We had to be very careful about choosing something that was absolutely right because he has to spend almost the whole film in it.” So, instead of buying one, Tish created her own suit out of a grey tweed with blue and orange flecks in it. “I wanted old world fabric to match with his heritage. I also wanted something that had texture and that would be able to age.” That’s right, there were six copies of this ensemble made in order for Robert to wear it continuously and in many different elements (i.e. in the ocean during Bella’s cliff dive!). Kristen is wearing a custom made jacket that was replicated from the one she wore in “Twilight.”

“Putting Bella in hunter green was a request from Chris [Weitz],” Tish said of Kristen’s button up shirt, which was a design from Boy by Band of Outsiders paired with J Brand jeans and Keds. “We knew that Bella was going to be running through a crowd who were all going to be in red, so we had to choose a color that would make her stand out and still transition easily to that forest scene at the beginning of the film.” FYI, Edward’s grey peacoat on the right was homemade by Tish and her crew!
Get the look: The “Essential Stretch Military Shirt” in “Cacti” from Express ($50).

If you’re wondering where the black shirt went that Robert was slowly unbuttoning to reveal his six-pack vampire self to the crowd in Italy (in the movie, we see him put on a red robe after his attempts are thwarted by Bella, but, uh, did he just dump his acutal shirt on the ground?), it’s in the black hole pf movie making. “When the script was originally set, Edward was supposed to be captured outside by Demetri and Felix — that’s why he is thrown a red robe,” Tish explains. “[But], by the time they decided he was instead going to be captured inside, we had already filmed the inside scenes.”

“These were the first costumes that I designed,” Tish recalls of the sequence in which we see future Bella as a vampire running with Edward in the woods. “The fantasy was this sort of post-wedding feeling where they were hunting in these light-colored outfits through the dark forest. I didn’t want them in anything practical.” So, she put Robert in some pretty high-end threads: a vest from Loden Dager, a Club Monaco linen shirt, Orme in Portofino khakis and Magnanni shoes (the same ones he wears with the grey suit throughout the movie). For Bella, Tish aimed for sweet and girly, while Chris Weitz envisioned a look from Greek mythology: Diana the Huntress. The result? “We made that silk chiffon over silk organza dress. It was nice to see her in something feminine.”

Tish is one lucky lady — she also got to put her costumer designing gene to work on the next film in the Saga, “Eclipse.” But does that mean she’d give us any details on that closet? Well, sort of: “’Eclipse’ is just one week later,” she hinted. “Bella graduates, and color wise, that she is linked more to the Cullen’s — she gets out of her earth tones, and she dresses a little more grown up.”



Our trip down memory lane with “New Moon” costume designer Tish Monaghan continues today when we take a sartorial magnifying glass to the wardrobes of the Cullen family and boy wonder Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Don’t miss yesterday’s look at Edward’s and Bella’s costumes either!

We know those Cullens are basically perfect, but one modification was made to the family’s closet for “New Moon.” “Chris wanted to stay away from them looking as pastel as they did in the first film,” Tish explained. “He thought they stood out too much. So he wanted them more of the world, but set apart within the color palette — so, just in cool colors.” Here, Alice (Ashley Greene, left) wears a blue dress by Rebecca Taylor and Rosalie (Nikki Reed, right) wears an Eli Tahari design.


One part of Tish’s design aesthetic for “New Moon” was making sure characters dressed in clothes that suited their back-story. For instance, you will always see Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) in cowboy boots — at Jackson’s request. “Jackson’s from Texas and so is Jasper,” she noted. “He was a major in the civil war, so that’s the thing he always holds on to.” Here, Jasper (center) wears a John Varvatos sweater, a Hugo Boss shirt and J.Lindeberg jeans. Emmet (Kellan Lutz, far left) is in a custom made vest, Hugo Boss shirt, Diesel Jeans and flaunts a Cullen Crest cuff. Esme (Elizabeth Reaser) wears a pale purple dress from Club Monaco.
Get the look (Esme)“Two Way Crinkle Chiffon Runway Dress” by Rebecca Taylor ($228)

“Peter [Facinelli] himself likes to think of his character as inspired by Paul Newman or Robert Redford,” Tish noted. “So he’s always dressed casual, yet put together.” Here, after Bella’s birthday turns bloody, Carlisle wears a Theory suit and a Paul Smith shirt. Bella wears a dress made by Tish, which has since been replicated by Hot Topic for $98.

“She’s like this pixie-ish character, whimsical and fashion conscious,” Tish said of Alice’s style. “She’s a girly girl, and wherever you can add details to her clothing it really helps cement her character — like when she’s in school I gave her the pretty neck scarf and the hand warmers and long sleeves. The blue jacket was from Zara.” On the right, in the scene when the Cullens vote on Bella’s vampire fate, Alice wears a blouse from Teenflo in Vancouver and J Brand Jeans.
Get the look (blue jacket) “Tullette Drawstring Jacket with Pockets” from Tulle ($27).

Tish says her inspiration for Alice’s ensemble on her adventure to Italy with Bella was Audrey Hepburn. “I was thinking, how can we cover her up fashionably?” the costumer recalls. “I wanted to get her long gloves because I knew she was going to be driving in this Porsche, which initially we thought might be a convertible.” After finding the “perfect” coat (by Michael Kors), Tish decided on Theory pants, red leather gloves from the Italian fashion label Gala, a Banana Republic scarf and“Jackie O” Ray Ban sunglasses (which you catch a glimpse of when she first enters the Volturi lair).
Get the look (red gloves)Preston & York Ruched-Cuff Leather Gloves from Dillard’s ($48).

When the werewolf wasn’t shirtless, Tish says she outfitted him in Banana Republic and GAP t-shirts because “they fit really well and they had a little bit of stretch to them.” And if the site of Taylor’s bulging biceps had your hearts pumping, that was intentional. “We tailored his t-shirts so they showed off his muscles,” she explained. “We specifically made his shirts a little tighter, a little shorter and the sleeves a little bit too short, like he was growing out of them.”

That forest scene on Jacob’s tee (a graphic the “New Moon” costume department custom designed) was meant to be a tad literal, according to Tish. “The director said, ‘Why don’t you give him something that has a wolf on it?’” she remembered with a laugh. “It was as something that symbolized what was to come but didn’t hit the nail on the head. We tried not to make it so obvious but it did have a moon, a tree a very small image of a wolf.”


For the third and final part to our exclusive interview with the woman behind the “New Moon”wardrobe closet, costume designer Tish Monaghan, we’re heading to Volterra, Italy where beneath the Tuscan sunshine lives a coven of vampires who posesses incredible power … and style. After you venture to Europe, don’t forget to travel back to Forks for our look at the costumes of Edward and Bella and Jacob and the Cullens.

Tish’s starting off point for creating the look of (very old) Volturi? “What I did originally was go back as far in antiquity as I could to where there were visual representations of judicial gowns in sculptures and paintings. I wanted to find something that the audience would recognize as an official robe, but still have the flavor of the 14th or 15th century.” The heavy wool robes were made by the costume department, though each had a different kind of trim and sleeve detail.


“There’s this whole color reference to the Volturi,” the costumer explained. “Aro (Michael Sheen) is the pinnacle of the power structure. He has to wear the blackest of black of black. That’s dictated in the script. Everyone else that works with him moves away from the deepness of that color scale. Whoever is closest in power to him, is nearing his colors.” Here, Michael wears a Zegna suit, purchased in Canada after the actor tried on five others. “We wanted something that looked very slick, very well fitted, with beautiful fabric.”

Tish said she chose to outfit Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower, center) in that red scarf because she wanted a color tie-in to the festival happening outside the Volturi chambers — however the paisley one pictured (purchased in Vancouver’s Little India) wasn’t the original candidate for the job. The night before filming, the one-of-a-kind scarf that Tish planned to use was the unfortunate victim of an aging experiment. “I wanted to make it look a little bit old, which involved putting it in cool water and hanging it up to dry.” Instead, the accessory shrunk and had holes in it. “I still have it with me — I use it as a reminder!”
Get the look: “Red/ Multi Classic Silk Scarf” from ($32)

“In my mind, I was envisioning a sweet/evil Little Red Riding Hood,” Tish said of dressing Dakota Fanning as Jane. “There were no specifics in the script given to the time period that she emerged from. I just chose to go after a Victorian look from the 1880s to 1900s.” It was Chris Weitz’s idea, however, to attach the extra cape to Jane’s custom-made wool grey hooded coat — a piece that was over-dyed to make it more black “because she is one of the most powerful of the group.” Paired with Dakota’s outer garb was an off-white Philip Lim dress (that we never see) and Mary Jane shoes by Camper.
Get the look: “Belted Cape” by Spiegel ($99)

After using men’s fall runway shows as a reference — Jill Saunders, Paul Smith and Alexander McQueen provided the best inspirations — Tish says she was able to construct a silhouette that matched the minimalist feel she wanted for the 10+ Volturi guard members’ (like Charlie Bewleyand Daniel Cudmore, pictured) “very heavy” wool coats. “I wanted them to look like statues.”


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‘You Belong With Me’ Remixed for Jacob Black



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‘New Moon’ Cast EW’s December Covers

Check out Taylor, Kristen, & Rob on the December cover’s of Entertainment Weekly. They all look wonderful if I do say so myself.

Why is Taylor only 17? This makes no sense at ALL . 😦 It’s torture.

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