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Could it be? A Valentine From Summit?! Bomchicka- Wah-Wah

Feast your eyes on some lovely never before seen pictures of our favorite kids, Edward & Bella. I was thoroughly excited to see these, I had to take time out from spending time with my mister to post these for you all to enjoy.

So . . . ENJOY my funny commentary below some of the pictures. 😉

So, in this picture I`m pretty much hoping he`s going to grab her boob. I feel like a perv but it`s the truth. Go for the grab Edward, go for the GRAB!

For a second, I didn`t realize that that WASN`T Rachelle. Then I remembered Summit replaced her and got sad. Darn . . .

Rob`s mouth looks like it tastes like peppermints. I wonder if my theory is correct, I suppose I`ll have to find out right? Err, maybe Di will take on that job. She`ll kill me if I even mention that to her.

For the love rip the dag on shirt OPEN!

Mmm . . that grip on my . . err- Bella`s thigh. Rob I think I`m falling in like with you all over again.

Well now, don`t we all just APPRECIATE this angle? I mean I know for a fact that I do. I would, I mean you know for a test drive, take Bella`s place. You know for . . . um, testing purposes. =)

Dear Summit, we appreciate these greatly if they came from you. If you didn`t intend for them to be leaked, oops we got them anyway- Sorry.  We appreciate how wonderful they are though; truly we do.

Pardon my commentary, I`m a perv.


De & Di


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