Rob-Themed Collages

OK so a while back I made two collages for my friends, with Twilight/Rob themes. I forgot I made them until a few days ago and now decided that I would share them with you. There is a back story to both collages and I made them out of love and admiration for Twilight and Rob. The first collage is for my friends birthday, she made me a Twilight themed card for my birthday which was 24 days before Twilight was in theaters, so I decided to return the favor. The second collage is for my dear Twi-Mate De, it’s a silly card I made for New Years to celebrate the start of our blog which was started a few days before New Years. I hope you enjoy the collages. And I know most of the pictures are of Rob but its only cause he has the best facial expressions out of everyone!

Collage #1

Collage #2


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