Room Wall for Sale

Last week I took down my Twilight posters and now my bedroom wall is empty. Flower wallpaper  may be exciting for some, but not all that exciting for me. I needed the change from Twilight to New Moon.  I’ve been hesitant on getting new posters because while I still love the Saga my Twilight phase seems to be dying down. I may be getting more excited as New Moon comes along, but for now I’m as blank as my wall. Change is good so I think I may buy myself a nice new poster. But for now here’s a picture of what my wall looked like when I still had my Twilight posters up. Maybe you have some suggestions and/or pictures of what your bedroom wall looks like or any other Twilight related creations. You can either email us or link us here or on Twitter. Now send away and you may be featured here!

Peace, Love & Twilight



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