Our Story

Di and I have realized that we have had this blog for going on a year in couple of months and all of our followers on here and on Twitter may not even know which one of us is which when posting. I (Dé) am urbansophistication and I’m a Taylor, Kellan, Rob, Alex, Jamie, and Jackson lover. Di, is rockydee, and she loves everything Rob, Kellan, and Jackson; unless she’s added someone new to the love list I’m right. :)

Anyway, we would like for you all to know how we came to love Twilight and how we became friends. So if you’d like, you can read our cool twi-stories and maybe even let us know what you think. Okay? OKAY!

Di’s (aka. rockydee) story:

This time last year I fell into the Twilight and all the craziness that surrounds it. When I picked up those book I never in a million years thought it would lead me here to this blog and to the awesome friendship I have with my Twi-Mate/Partner in Crime/Co-Author of the blog Dé. So since its been a year I wanted to share with you all how I came to love the Twilight world, so here is my story from me to you.

In June of last year before the Twilight craze began I watched the Twilight trailer on MTV and became interested because vampires have always fascinated me. Soon after I saw the books at my local book store and decided it was best to read the books before I saw the movie. I kept putting off reading the book but then I finally bought Twilight at the end of  July, I began reading and couldn’t put it down. I read the first three books in a few short weeks. By the time I was done reading the first three books, the fourth one was just coming out and I was counting down the days with anticipation. I went to the release party and bought my copy, feeling like a fish out of water since this is a book for young adults, but that did not matter I had to finish reading about Edward and Bella. From that point on I lived, breathed and dreamed Twilight. After I finished reading the series, I couldn’t help but feel the “so now what do I do?” feeling. It was strange how much of an impact this book was on me. I eventually began to research everything Twilight related because I was hooked on the novels, characters and now the movie that was coming out. Once school started I thought that I would focus more on my school work but that was not the case. I would daydream about the characters in the novel (sad I know). When I was bored in class I would doddle the names of characters in my notebook ( sad again I know). At this point Midnight Sun was leaked on the internet and the Twilight absence filled a small gap but it was not enough. I met a few friends at school who eventually got into the novels and one day when we were sitting in class watching “Sense and Sensibility” we heard the name Edward and began to giggle like a bunch of thirteen year olds (mind you we’re in college). When finals came around the Twilight craze was in full swing, every girl in school seemed to talk about it. I made three new friend because of Twilight one of which I consider my Twi-Mate (Twilight Soul Mate). We thought that since we put so much energy into everything Twilight related that we were going to fail our finals because of Robert Pattinson and how totally gorgeous he is and the rest of the cast too. Most of my friends and I watched the movie several times and that was why we thought we would fail. We even came up with a cute little saying “We blame Rob for failing out of college or blaming Rob for…everything”. Well luckily we didnt fail and I graduated Magna Cum Laudi. Over winter break which was a month long I was back in my Twilight bubble of happiness. My friend (Twi-Mate aka Dé) and I began this blog as an outlet for our love of Twilight. It has received many hits and we are proud of the work we have done. We named it this way beacause Twilight never ends. Over the past year I have bought lots of Twilight merchandise. I have the entire series, four of the Entertainment Weekly Magazine covers, three posters, the movie companion, the dvd, a keychain, a pen, a pin,the movie soundtrack and a t-shirt. As for which Team I root for I have to say I am Team Edward all the way, but I dont dislike Jacob. Hopefully when the rest of the movies are being made I will road trip to the set location and hopefully attend the premieres. I think that Twilight unites all women and for some reason has been a great bonding experience for women. Just like Bella we all hope to find our Edward Cullen (minus the vampire part).

Dé’s (aka. urbansophistication) story:

I’ve always had a love for all things vampire and growing up I was even convinced I was a vampire. Sue me, I was like 6-10 years old. LOL. Anyway, in November while on the highway I saw an advertisement for Twilight. I didn’t know what it was and hadn’t even known that there were books to accompany the movie. Unfortunately, the hype hadn’t really bitten me then only mild curiosity. Eventually, finals came around school and I was so anxious to see this movie after hearing a few girls (Di being one of them) in my English class talk about seeing it multiple times. So I TRIED my darndest to avoid seeing the movie and reading the books before finals were over and I caved. I watched the movie online and directly after finals were over my mother bought me the first book after I had been paining her for it. Somehow I managed to make my boyfriend go to the movies theater to see the movie the RIGHT way. He actually enjoyed the movie and was a bit jealous that I was basically drooling over Rob, Kellan, Taylor, and Jackson. I later found out that my boyfriend went to the same highschool as Jackson Rathbone (funfact: my boyfriend was a senior while Jackson was a freshman).

Ever since then my mind has been in Twilight mode, I randomly quote the sayings from the book and the movie. I’m too OLD for this, but I do it anyway, because this saga renewed my love for reading and for some reason made me think as life as so much easier. Not to mention it brought me to two of my closest friends, my twimates Di and Elle.


So now you know us a little bit better than you did before. I know many of you wonder how old we are and now you kinda know. I’m in my last semester of college and Di’s in grad school and basically the same age as the cast members, just a little younger. LOL.


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