Twilight Love from Russia

So as some of you may or may not know I was on vacation in Moscow for the last three weeks hence why De has been updating you with all the Twilight news. While I was there of course I was excited cause I had wanted to go there for a long time but as you know Twilight is always on the brain. I had to get my fix of information so I was glad I had internet access for a few moments each day but it was a bit expensive so I tried my hardest to not go on as much. Anyway I left the day of the MTV Movie Awards, so I didnt get to see the Trailer or my favorite people on TV. So when we were driving on our way to where we were staying I heard on the radio that Twilight had cleaned up nicely at the Award and that Rob got a few awards too. I was sooo excited and when I learned I had internet access, I ran to my computer and watch the trailer about 5 times. I was shrieking with excitment but whatever HAHA. Well anyway I took a few pictures while I was there that had some Twilight relation and am sharing it with you now.

First, is the Edward Cullen Volvo! See in NY not many people have this car so I was so happy I got to see a few of them there.

Edward's Volvo

Next up is at a book store and what do I see is the Russian versions of the Twilight Saga.

And one final Twilight related item, while on the plane I looked at the map to see where we were flying and low and behold we were flying over PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND. I just laughed at the coincidence.


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